Every Face Tells A Story   1 comment

Why would someone take a picture of a stranger’s face? Who has the audacity to surprise someone into the frame?  I do. Sometimes the background prompts me or I’m just interested in character. However, I’m most enticed by the adventure of capturing a raw reaction.  The first response to an invasion of privacy is what makes these pictures valuable. You cannot fake it. Some start talking, others turn their faces away, and many just stay frozen. These are the highest points of candid portraits.

What happens next is unpredictable. People will go away, show protest or strike a happy pose.  The aftershock can be an interesting subject as well.  Still, these pictures will have a different affect than those in the moment of surprise.

One response to “Every Face Tells A Story

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  1. I like the pic . I belong to a photo club and photograpy is still new to me. The club that i belong to is not assisting me to grow. How can i do it. The club that i belong to has a topic and we have to take a pic that depict it. This months is every face tell a story

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