Infrared candid street photography   1 comment

There is nothing different between infrared and visible light in terms of candid photography techniques or composition.

It is very popular to use infrared photography for landscape or cityscape. Infrared light dramatically changes tonality of grass, tree leaves and sky giving picture sometimes surreal quality.

In candid photography infrared was popularized by Weegee. He used infrared flash to take pictures in the total darkness. I don’t use a flash, even invisible one.

As a candid photographer I like infrared for unusual tonality of the skin and cloth. Infrared gives contrast to the image that is impossible to achieve using visible light.

When sun is in zenith of the clear sky, it is absolutely the worst time for taking visible light pictures and it is usually the best for infrared shooting.

All pictures are taken by converted to infrared Pentax *istDS with Pentax-DA 1:3.5-5.6 18-55mm AL

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  1. dear greg, my apologies that this is the first time i’ve had a chance to check out your candid street photos. i really liked the infra-red photo of the statue of the god and the palms but then natalie will tell you that my paintings in class lean towards the the dreamy and surreal. i’m tempted to buy the book link to your question- why do jews fight against their own interests? it is something lynn and i do not understand at all. maybe it will answer our questions. your website is interesting and the photos are great.
    patty gulbranson

    patricia colby gulbranson

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