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I got my first camera when I was child. In night my father and I used bathroom as a darkroom. For a long time I’ve made pictures mostly for my family’s travel album.

Two developments dramatically changed my interest. Digital technology with its instant feedback and free images makes experimentation fun and productive. Accidentally finding the work of Garry Winogrand introduced me to the world of candid photography. Since then the art of others’ influenced and inspired my pictures.

Before you read my blog, please, take a look at my images. There is no point in continuing if you find my work dull. Why would you trust somebody whose work is not interesting?

Send me questions about my pictures or give me suggestions for topics related to the exciting art of “the candid photography of strangers”.

Autoportrait with girls in cafe

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Posted October 22, 2010 by candidstreetphoto

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  1. Thank you for the comments on my blog. I got to say that I have really enjoyed yours and look forward to spending some quality time on your flickr. Well done.

  2. Great shots! Liked looking through your sets on Flickr.

  3. Luv ur photos. I am wanting to take some candids of strangers. I am not sure if I should ask if it’s OK or just take pics. Hope mine can be half as good as urs.

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