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Apulia, Tuscany, Umbria   Leave a comment

I love Italy. Here are some snapshots from my recent trip.






Greve in Chianti



Nice Lady of LaRouche   Leave a comment

Looking at this candid shot of the nice, cheerful  LaRouche supporter you would think that she wants your donations for some charitable cause. You would never guess about wild mix of ideas that this group propagates. They hate Obama but Franklin D. Roosevelt is their demigod. They are afraid of fascism (picturing Obama as Hitler) but they like Stalin. They fight for freedom and strongly support Putin’s rule in Russia. Picture is deceiving.

Occupy Chicago Protest   4 comments

It is easy to notice Occupy Protest when you work in financial district. Even if  you don’t agree with different signs or speeches you can have fun to take pictures in really unusual situation. My goal was to avoid politics and to try taking images in the timeless street photography style.

Political signs are important part of the story and I can not ignore them.

I  became interested in a way how kids are involved in these protests. I can not get over from the feeling that this is not the place for children to play games with often offensive and aggressive proclamations. But … I can be wrong.

Just one block from protests I’ve noticed woman with the sign that she is looking for a job. This was striking contrast from protest’s demands for entitlements.   If I had any power to hire her I would do it.

I did not take so many pictures as many other photographers that covered Occupy Protests. But considering my general low productivity this was great opportunity for shooting.

For more images, please go to Occupy Chicago

Project based candid photography   Leave a comment

Photographers often discuss about merits to have project or just do random walk during street shooting. I am a random walker. I constantly move from one place to another being alert to any opportunity for my shot.

Recently I had interesting experience in project based photography. My boss asked me to make some images for our company website. My professional responsibility has no relation to the photography or any fine art for that matter. My hobby is well known in our office and I’ve got my project.

Besides shooting in the office, I took some pictures about building.  This is the famous Chicago CBOT building that has a lot of action and interesting architecture.  To have project is unusual for me experience. I was constrained by the place and I had to explore every situation.  It is hard to say whether good shot is the product of the pure luck or having project really helps.

Why do Jews fight against their own interests?   Leave a comment

Once you cross gray area between candid street and documentary photography it is easy to get political. I could not restrain myself to avoid rhetorical question – “Why do Jews fight against their own interests?”

For more food for though use links:
Why Are Jews Liberals?
Orthodox Jews are Opposed To A Zionist State 

Boston candid portraits   Leave a comment

I’ve spent weekend with my family in Boston. Boston is nice city with very good food. I made only few meaningful shots but I’ve got three very different portraits.

Shallow depth of field with foreground “framing” makes this composition.

I like dramatic movement with the blur that is, probably, from slight out of focus. Actually, I have another one that is very sharp but it looks static for me.

Absolutely calm portrait in the darkish restaurant setting. It is sharp across the frame.

Is this photo candid?   1 comment

Is it candid photo when photographer uses models to create impression of the real life? The great example is the famous story of “Kiss at the Hôtel de Ville”, by Robert Doisneau. Unfortunately, I don’t have my own picture to show because I don’t have money for models or actors.

Is it candid picture of the people who make pose for somebody else’s camera? I don’t know. Here is my photo take on it.

How about taking picture of the people with their photographer? Well. This is, obviously, candid picture  of photographer.

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