What is “the candid photography of strangers”?   Leave a comment

Even though it is hard to categorize artistic expression; I need to define the purpose of this blog.

The topics on this site are focused on images where people take an important role. The purpose of this restriction is more for photographic intent and not specific composition. Usually pictures have a foreground focused on people in order to imply story, or a single person for a portrait. However,  this is not necessary.

I am including an image where the person is in the background and out of focus.

Falling ice

In this image the man takes up a very small portion of the picture


Without people these photos wouldn’t be interesting or would have a different meaning.

Candid photography implies that people are not aware of the camera. Sometimes people stare right into your lens at the moment of the shot. Is this“candid”? I say “Yes.” This interesting issue will be addressed in my blog.

Chicago - Ogilvie Transportation Center

In this blog I will discuss the photography of total strangers. I never introduce myself or ask permission. This method presents an unique psychological impact that gives a special quality to many pictures.

I took almost all of these photos on the street simply because this is the easiest place to see strangers, but I’m looking for an opportunity whenever  I have my camera.

Lyric Opera

The topic of this blog encompasses a great variety of styles that have the common challenges and excitements of  “the candid photography of strangers”.

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