Canon S90 for Candid Street Photography   5 comments

I have an advanced compact (aka Point-and-Shoot) camera for one specific reason – I can easily keep it in my pocket. These amazingly small devices produce good image quality, if you don’t have very high expectations. I only use the RAW file format for flexibility in post processing.

My settings are all manual. It is easy to set the exposure using a live histogram. Just remember to point at the potential scene with the largest contrast. The Depth of Field (DOF) is so large that changing distance (using manual focus) is required only in very special cases.

I use a ring around the lens for changing focal length. Focal length is almost always in its widest range (28-35mm). I don’t use LCD for framing. I hold it with the LCD faced to my palm and I use my thumb to trigger.

I can have it during my walk for a lunch.

There is no danger in forgetting your camera in the restaurant after a good bottle of wine.

5 responses to “Canon S90 for Candid Street Photography

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  1. Nowadays my main camera is a Canon S95, which I think is great but of course not on par with a low cost SLR.

    However, I’m willing to sacrifice image quality for stealthiness…

    Could you tell us what exact settings do you use for each occasion? (or maybe as you use raw, you probably don’t fiddle with the settings…)



    • I use RAW so I don’t have special settings.
      I use shortcut button to change ISO.
      My focus distance is 2 meters and I rarely change it.
      This is the key. Menu button goes to Custom Menu with one entry – Save Settings. After setting ISO, shutter speed and aperture I almost always save it. I hate to start over again after shutting down camera.
      As you know my main camera is Pentax SLR. On these Holidays I was in Morocco. There is a lot to be done to make pictures and blog postings ready. I will, probably, start upload to Flicker by small portions. When you will see some of them, may be you will change your mind about SLR stealthiness.
      Keep in touch.

  2. Excellent post, l quite agree with your conclusion. However lam having problem subscribing to your rss.

    • Thank you.
      I’ve never tested RSS. It is provided by WordPress. I don’t even know how to remove it from my theme. I’ve never been sure of its usefulness.
      Check my blog more often or subscribe to it. I think that this way you will have better experience.

    • I’ve tested RSS using my Yahoo account. It works great. I think that it is useful for some people even though I prefer my blog of course.

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