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St. Abraham Lincoln   Leave a comment

Most conservatives and all progressives-liberals hail new movie “Lincoln” and in religious fever pay tribute to our great Emancipator. There is no doubt that Lincoln is the greatest American Saint and his example provides inspiration to our Middle Class warrior – President Barack Obama.  It is pity that even freedom minded conservatives are afraid of being excommunicated from American Civil Religion.

Government sponsored schools and colleges are brainwashing our children.  Obviously, adults should be continuously managed by official propaganda. I’ve seen it in Soviet Union and now I see it in America. American Bible is the project in progress. The last century gave us The Great American Saver Franklin D. Roosevelt and Romantic Knight John F. Kennedy. There is no doubt that Barack Obama is going to have a chapter in American mythology and future generations will learn that Lincoln made Obama free to win American Presidency.

Nice Lady of LaRouche   Leave a comment

Looking at this candid shot of the nice, cheerful  LaRouche supporter you would think that she wants your donations for some charitable cause. You would never guess about wild mix of ideas that this group propagates. They hate Obama but Franklin D. Roosevelt is their demigod. They are afraid of fascism (picturing Obama as Hitler) but they like Stalin. They fight for freedom and strongly support Putin’s rule in Russia. Picture is deceiving.