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It was the first cold day of the year. My fingers froze, holding the camera. I walked through famous streets and nothing grabbed my attention enough to even take a practice shot. I approached the empty Daley Plaza and could see pigeons congregating near the inextinguishable flame. A girl smoked on the bench nearby. Frigid air enveloped the heat seeking pigeons along with the lonely girl, sucking on her own burning cigarette. I started sensing the scene and tried to express it in the picture. It was difficult to get the right frame of the girl and the pigeons. I took some shots but nothing that I was pleased with. Eventually, the girl noticed me and asked what picture I would like to take. “I am interested in these unusual pigeons.” I lied, and took the required shot. We made small talk about the place. She told me it was her favorite, and in good weather it is full of children. I gave her the address of my blog and asked permission to take her picture.  It is not necessary for a picture to be candid in order to be interesting.

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